This diagnosis is the most popular type of bronchial asthma, which can occur in people of absolutely all ages. The main difficulty of asthma is the similarity of its signs with other lung diseases, which is why it can be poorly expressed and not detected at an early stage. The disease is characterized by allergenic substances that enter the body and cause an exacerbation of the disease.

Allergic asthma usually has four different degrees. Mild degree is characterized by seizures from once a week, night attacks are practically absent. The next degree – regularity is expressed in stable one-time attacks every week. The third degree is the average, in which seizures occur daily, they reduce physical activity and human performance, affect the quality of sleep. The last degree is severe, in which seizures can occur up to four times a day, and the symptoms are pronounced strongly.

Symptoms of allergic asthma are determined by the following signs: difficulty inhaling and exhaling, the appearance of severe shortness of breath, various sounds and wheezing are observed when breathing, the patient tends to lean on four limbs during coughing and holds his throat. In later stages, there may be a feeling of suffocation, loss of consciousness and even death.

The main type of treatment for a patient with such a diagnosis is to limit the exposure to an allergenic substance. To do this, an experienced specialist can prescribe appropriate medications: bronchodilators (reducing the attack and expansion of the bronchi), anti–inflammatory (reducing sensitivity to irritants), antihistamines (reducing the body’s reaction to the reaction factor – histamine), leukotriene modifiers (preventing bronchospasm). An important role is also played by inhalation agents that help control the manifestations of allergic asthma by reducing the sensitivity of the bronchi. As a preventive therapy, respiratory gymnastics is used, it allows you to eliminate the symptoms and asthma attacks during its daily performance.


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